Insolvency and Bankruptcy related Services

Insolvency and Bankruptcy related Services

Two of the Partners of the firm are Registered, with Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI), as Resolution Professionals and one among them is also Registered Valuer of Securities and Financial Assets under IBBI.

Operating Activities
Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process

Collection of information relating to Assets, Finances and Operations of Corporate Debtor.

Collate the claims submitted by the Creditors – Financial Creditor, Operational Creditor & Corporate Applicant.

Preparation of Information Memorandum.

Constitution of Committee of Creditors.

Monitor the Assets of the Corporate Debtor and manage its Operations.

File Information collected with the Information Utility.

Take Control and Custody of any Asset which belongs to Corporate Debtor.

Performing other duties as specified by IBBI.

Appointing Accountants, Legal and Other Professionals whenever necessary.

Entering into Contracts on behalf of Corporate debtor, Amending or modifying the Contracts or Transactions which were entered.

Raising Interim Finance.

Issuing Instructions to Personnel of the Corporate Debtor.

Taking actions to keep the Corporate Debtor as Going Concern.

Verification of Claim submitted by Creditors.

Liquidation Process
  • Verification of Claims of all Creditors.
  • Evaluate, Measure and preserve the Assets and Property of Corporate Debtor.
  • Carrying on the business of Corporate Debtor for beneficial Liquidation.
  • Sell the Property of Corporate Debtor by Public Auction or Private Contract.
  • Appointing any Professional.
  • Investigating the Financial affairs of Corporate Debtor.
Other Non-Operating activities in IBC
  • Advising clients and giving Opinion relating to Operation of Business
  • Undertaking Forensic Audit
  • Undertaking Valuation
  • Accounting & Support Services
  • Representing before NCLT
  • Drafting Application

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