As the operational and financial reporting demands within organizations have become more complex, so too have the audit services provided by professional accountants. Auditors have a responsibility to objectively ensure the accuracy of the financial information presented to third party users, who rely upon this accuracy to make major investment or other decisions about the audited client.
Our audit approach is risk-based and exceptions-oriented. We focus our attention on areas of higher risk; where risk is low, we focus on exceptions.
The scope of today's audit services extends far beyond the standard audit engagement offering an opinion on the accuracy of financial statements. It also encompasses review engagements and special reports, which include evaluating the operational procedures followed to produce the financial statements.
Our team of professionals is qualified to meet the changing and complex needs of our clients.

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Statutory Audits

For organisations that require an audit for statutory or regulatory reasons, we provide an assurance service to shareholders and management on the truth and fairness of the information and specifically address any other regulatory reporting requirements.

Tax Audits

Tax Audits are conducted for all clients according the Rules and standards prescribed by law.

Compliance Audits.

We perform compliance audit to review the financial records in order to determine whether the entity is complying with specific procedures or rules. We objectively obtain and evaluate the evidence regarding assertions, actions, and events to ascertain the degree of correspondence between them and established performance criteria.

Internal Control Review

Internal Control review both financial and otherwise, are to be put in place by management to achieve objectives and thereby manage risks to which the organization is or may become exposed. In order to make a positive contribution to achieving effective stewardship and value for money, Internal Control review must demonstrate a clear understanding of the risk profile of the organization and deliver.

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Internal and Management Audits

Internal Audit has in recent years emerged as an integral part of the control process within many organizations mostly as a result of:

  • The emergence of risk management as a key theme for managers and a number of well-publicized financial collapses has led to the need for and role of internal audit to be reviewed by many businesses.
  • The subject of Corporate Governance has been a dominant theme for a number of years and is now closely aligned to risk management and the delivery of controls statements as part of the annual financial reporting process.
Certification Service

We provide certification services to our clients based on information made available, upon request.

Stock & Revenue audit

Stock and revenue audits are undertaken to identify leakages of income/revenue.

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Service to Banks: BFSI
  • Statutory Audit.
  • Concurrent Audit.
  • Information System Audit.
  • Stock Audit.
  • Revenue Audit.
  • Due diligence Audit.
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