Foreign Exchange Management (FEMA)

We advise on various foreign exchange matters under the Act including in connection with that stemming from inbound investment into India and outbound investment outside India. We also help the client to obtain various approvals under the said Act from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and review of various compliances prescribed by the RBI

We offer our advice in the following areas

  • Consultations and Compliance Procedures for various types of Direct & Indirect Investment for Foreign Nationals, NRI’s & OCB’s. viz.
    • Deposits & Loans
    • FDI Scheme
    • Portfolio Investment Scheme
    • Investment in Immovable Properties
    • Investment in Partnership and Proprietary Concerns
  • Consultations and Compliance Procedures for various types of Direct & Indirect investments by Individuals, Partnership firms, Corporates from India in Branches, Subsidiaries, Joint ventures outside India
  • Representation before RBI & Allied Government Authorities
  • NRI Taxation including tax planning for returning Indians
  • Advisory and certification services in respect of data
Strategic Planning and Advice

Building the business is paramount to the success of the business. It has become exceedingly difficult to succeed without a solid strategic plan, the roadmap to success. Our organization can assist in developing this roadmap, and provide the client with the tools necessary to monitor their progress. The strategic plan should include a vision of the future, as well as a solid business and financial plan. Managing the progress requires discipline and the right tools to keep the business on track. We strive to assist the clients with this in mind, by providing the tools and management reports necessary

Corporate Business Plans

A business plan is a document prepared by the directors / operators of a business, which serves to set out the plans of the business in terms of Operations, Marketing and Financing. It is intended as a blueprint for the future development of the enterprise. Through the process of creating a business plan the company can identify the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We help in identifying these fundamental elements in order to give the business a competitive advantage and allow for easier management as the business has a set route to follow

Corporate Finance & Business Advisory Services

We provide a range of professional support services which in particular include the following:

  • Share valuations
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Resource Raising Services
  • Fixed asset verification including risk mitigation strategies
  • Year end reconciliations and analysis requested
MIS documentation and reporting

Management's needs for information have greatly increased in importance, quantity, and variety. While the large business houses have separate departments which cater to the requirement of providing Management information systems, Small and Medium Enterprises may find it cost prohibitive to have such a set up. Most of these organizations have now begun to outsource such operations and we have positioned ourselves in this niche area. We help clients in providing the tools for organizing, evaluating and reviewing management information systems to improve efficiency and administrative productivity. We help in developing reports and information in support of the key decision-making responsibilities of management, analysing and prioritization of information system needs and preparing an information systems plan.

Accounting Services

Entrepreneurial businesses need reliable, accurate and timely financial information in order to manage their operations effectively. We understand that the clients’ financial objectives are of primary importance and we help to present efficient, timely financial statements prepared on a cost-effective basis.

We also provide services for clients who are interested in outsourcing non-core functions such as maintaining all aspects of bookkeeping including receivables, payables and collections. This allows owners to redirect their efforts to their prime business function.

Our range of services includes:

  • Book keeping services including payroll
  • Preparation of management accounts and management information system
  • Design, implementation and review of accounting manuals
  • Advice on various accounting issues
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Temporary staffing solutions
Services to Not for Profit organisations (NGO)

We provide various services to not-for profit organizations among them are, statutory audit, internal audit, tax advisory, advice on formation of trusts, review of financial systems, training to staff on the financial accounting with respect to project accounting, issue of utilization certificates against grants received, training to staff on statutory compliances applicable for NGO’s. advice to NGO’s on FCRA regulations.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposal of business

Buying competition or selling out to the competitors is one of the strategies for mergers and acquisitions. In today’s global economy with increased competition, the client may not have the time to build a business from the ground up, or they may be feeling the threats of a large competitor in the industry. Knowing ones’ position in the industry will enable to determine if they should buy or sell. Understanding the value of a business allows the client to negotiate the best price for the deal. We assist clients in understanding the value drivers in their business. By focusing on these drivers the client can improve the value of the business for an eventual sale. Understanding the value drivers also allows the client to better evaluate a potential purchase to grow the business.