Every business entity comes under the net of one or the other indirect tax net, ever since Service tax was introduced. And it’s interesting to note that even the not-profit entities come under the net of indirect tax for the services that they render and the products that they distribute.

A proper compliance to indirect tax is an important factor to ensure that the profitability of an organization is achieved as per its plan. More often than not,business entities come under rude shock and surprise after a lapse of considerable time, that they have to shell out amounts as tax, interest and penalty for a mere procedural lapse and at times for not collecting the tax from their customers, which otherwise would have become the cost of the customer.

In that respect, we provide retainer services to our clients for timely and proper compliances with indirect taxes like Central Excise, Customs Duties, Value Added tax, Service tax and Profession tax. Representation before the respective departments on behalf of the client also form part of the retainer services.

In an unlikely situation, despite a strict compliance and governance system, where the client will have to resort to appeals and litigations, we represent the client before every forum either directly or through network of consultants.