Due diligence is an organized approach to verifying all the pertinent facts surrounding a business transaction. Our approach combines traditional financial examination of an entity's operating and cash flow performance and statement of financial position along with practical business insights, with primary emphasis on risks, to assess the inherent risks and rewards of a specific transaction. We view companies in their entirety, including future financial projections, comprehensive SWOT analysis and non-financial factors such as corporate culture, management ability and internal processes.

There is no "standard" due diligence program-each one is customized to the nature of the transaction, current circumstances and the parties involved. Although every program is different, some of the items commonly checked are:

  • Backgrounds of key individuals
  • Assessment of current management
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Previous years’ financial statements and any projections or other financial information
  • Statutory compliances on corporate, taxation, labour and operations
  • Condition and age of inventory
  • Unrecorded and outstanding liabilities
  • Pending Legal suits

We involve the participation of lawyers, actuaries, consultants and others, depending on the risk involved. Through this, we are able to provide comprehensive legal due diligence and, thereby, provide an end-to-end corporate evaluation.